Greengage, Blackberry and Almond Tart

After the filo disaster in my last post for chorizo and manchego filo parcels, I decided to revisit pastry on more familiar terms. After having successfully made a nectarine, plum and almond tart at work, I decided to replicate it for my blog using more seasonal ingredients. I have tried to make tarts like this several times in the past and although they have worked out fairly well, I have a tendency to slightly catch them in the oven. This meant I was quite irrationally excited when this one turned out pretty well. Hence my decision to relive this excitement through my blog (and become even more smug by posting a picture of the nectarine tart); some might say I need a life but I, to an extent, beg to differ. Continue reading “Greengage, Blackberry and Almond Tart”

Chorizo and Manchego Filo Triangles

In the same way I have a slight fear of meringues, I have a slight fear of pastry. Therefore, as in my last post for Lime, Cardamom and Coconut Meringues, I saw another opportunity to tackle something head on. However, instead of easing myself into it, I decided to try and tackle filo pastry, which is possibly one of the most difficult types of pastry to make. Admittedly, my decision to try this recipe was not through a desire for pastry-induced tears. I have been desperate, in the midst of trying to lose weight, for an excuse to try the chorizo jam made by eat17 that we stock the farm shop. I absolutely love chorizo and how well it goes with sweeter flavours so I thought the jam would be quite an interesting concoction. Continue reading “Chorizo and Manchego Filo Triangles”

Lime, Cardamom and Coconut Meringues

In my post for Charlie’s Leaving Cake I already mentioned my slight fear of making meringues, macarons or apparently anything involving only egg whites. However, I decided to tackle this problem head on and make my own flavoured meringues.

Continue reading “Lime, Cardamom and Coconut Meringues”

Chocolate, Fennel and Ginger Cupcakes

Admittedly, fennel has never been my favourite ingredient. So, naturally, I thought I should include it in my blog! It is arguably quite a controversial ingredient with its aniseed flavour being an acquired taste but I always like to try and challenge myself with my baking and use more unusual flavours, so I thought the idea of using fennel could potentially be an interesting experiment (emphasis on the experiment). Continue reading “Chocolate, Fennel and Ginger Cupcakes”