Cookies and Cream Las Vegas Birthday Cake

Although you may find this hard to believe, I am a little bit obsessed with baking. Therefore, it goes without saying that when it comes to birthdays I get a little bit carried in terms of cake. For the last few years I have always treated my closest friends with cake in some form, and for my friend Lauren it was no exception! I already mentioned in my post for Charlie’s Leaving Cake that she is one of the three musketeers, so naturally I felt I should do something pretty special for her 23rd. Her decision to do a Vegas themed party meant I had my work cut out for me. Hence the ‘Cookies and Cream Loz Vegas cake’ (couldn’t resist the pun).


When I say cookies and cream, I essentially mean a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream justified with a few broken Oreos in between each layer. Although simple the classic choice of flavours worked really well while sticking with the American theme. I’m not going to include a recipe in this post just because there is nothing particularly new about the recipes and methods I used. The chocolate cake was made simply by substituting some of the flour in a basic victoria sponge recipe for cocoa powder, and the buttercream is the same recipe I use in many of my posts (check out any of my cupcake posts if you would like to find it). I even had some mix left over, so some cheeky cupcakes to keep were definitely in order.


The decorations were also pretty simple. If you have seen my post for lime, cardamom and coconut meringues you will know the trauma they have caused me in the past. However, a recent attempt to make some for a Queen of puddings at work turned out surprisingly well! Although they were disappointingly crushed accidentally on one of my days off, it did give me a new lease of confidence. Therefore, taking some inspiration from the meringue girls, I decided to make some meringue kisses. By painting food colouring in lines down the inside of a piping bag, I managed to give them a striped effect that I think looks really pretty. Although they weren’t quite perfect, they held their shape really well so overall I was pretty pleased. If you are struggling with meringue I would recommend watching the tutorial by Cupcake Jemma on youtube. Hopefully it will sort you right out.


I also made a ganache for the drips and used some Oreos, Kit Kats, toffee popcorn and chocolate bark for decoration. The ganache unfortunately was a little thick when I poured it on and broke away from itself slightly, but I quickly learnt that Kit Kats and piping apparently hide a multitude of sins! I was just glad it didn’t split; this is something that has, again, caused me a lot of stress in the past. But either way, I was pretty happy with the final look. It took some guts to finally stop sticking on more pieces, but everybody loved it, including the birthday girl. They said it looked and tasted great and I’m hoping they weren’t just being polite. If anyone has anymore questions let me know, but otherwise I hope you enjoy!


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