Superfood Protein Loaf, Beetroot Hummus, Feta and Pumpkin Seeds

If you happened to read my blog post for ‘healthy’ matcha, raspberry and honey cake, then you will know that in the next few weeks I am trying to use recipes that have less/ no refined sugar in them in a half hearted attempt to be healthy (I say half hearted because I still snaffle all the traybake cut offs at work *cue ‘Human’ Rag and Bone Man*).

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‘Healthy’ Matcha, Raspberry and Honey Cake

After about a year of consistent blogging you have probably noticed most of my recipes are not largely aimed at healthy eating and lean to the more indulgent end of afternoon snacking. Apart from a few posts, including my healthier honey gingerbread and my beetroot brownies, a lot of my posts definitely warrant the #howtogetfat on my instagram. However, since I am running a tough mudder in about a month’s time (which I promise not to bore you with/ bring up too much), I thought a few slightly more nutritious offerings, if you will, wouldn’t go amiss.

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Easter Baking Part 2- Crunchy Easter Rocky Road

Happy Easter everybody! I hope you have all had a good day while I have admittedly been at work (no jealousy whatsoever), eaten lots of chocolate and enjoyed a good Sunday roast. And, just in case you haven’t eaten enough, I now have my recipe for my crunchy easter rocky road to offer. Being modest as per, I have to admit that these could single-handedly be the cause a few extra stones, and a few extra dress sizes, on my behalf at least. Therefore proceed with caution.

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Easter Baking Part 1- Creme Egg Cookies

Since I admit my last few blog posts have been a little rushed, I thought I would make up for it this week with not only one, but two! (cue shocks and gasps). Just in case you hadn’t guessed from the all the creme eggs and Malteaser bunnies that I’m sure started appearing around Valentine’s Day, it’s also Easter this weekend. So, really, I have the perfect excuse to use as much chocolate as I physically can in my next couple of posts, hurrah!

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Orange, Ginger and Pumpkin Seed Flapjack

First of all I apologise for the tardiness of this post; even though the hard part (i.e. the baking) was done in time, I ran out of time to find an opportunity to bore you with my thoughts as I usually do on a Sunday night so you will have to find it in your hearts to forgive me. I promise to get back on track now my schedule is returning to normal.

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Stilton, Roasted Garlic and Rosemary Soda Bread Buns

Now I am officially out of holiday mode, I thought I would ease myself back into my blog with something pretty simple and, hopefully tasty. As a result, whether rightly or wrongly I think this is one of the first posts I have done that has been completely free of nerves and scepticism. Although the purpose of my blog is to experiment and push my own baking skills, it is also safe to say that I am perfectly ok with that.

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