Treble Clef Birthday Cake

While I was really excited when one of my friends from work asked me to make her daughter’s birthday cake, it’s safe to say I was also slightly apprehensive since I haven’t really made anything that requires any major decorative finesse in a while. And since it was also for her 18th birthday, I felt I really did need to pull out the stops.

I’m not really going to post a recipe purely because the ones I used can be found in a lot of my other posts such as my blueberry kir royale cupcakes and, if you take out the flavours, my s’more meringue kisses. Therefore the baking itself was in some ways quite easy; the difficulties arose when I decided to change my design the day before, when I forgot some important ingredients when I went to do my shop, and then when I decided to hack a massive hole in the cake when I was trying to even it out. I was originally going to do a design similar to the cookies and cream las vegas cake I made for one of my best friends last year as I think using cake toppers, chocolate sails and different bits of decoration to add some height looks really interesting. However I had been asked to use treble clefs as part of my design and, since the birthday girl didn’t want chocolate, I was worried about being able to balance the level of the cake topper with the rest of my design. I would have also had to transport the cake to work by myself, and I’m not renowned for being the smoothest driver. Eventually, I decided it seemed like a safer option to go for something a bit flatter.


So in the end I decided to pipe some treble clefs in a star like pattern on the surface of the cake by piping dots of icing with alternate nozzles and in different shades of blue. I then centred these with one of the meringue kisses I made, and used the rest to decorate the top and bottom edges of the cake along with some blueberries. The ‘losing half my cake’ mishap made the crumb coat quite tricky as the edges kept crumbling, but I managed to salvage this through the decision to leave the sides semi-naked (cheeky). Luckily this brought a bit of colour in where the jam had started to come through slightly so it looked quite pretty in the end.

Therefore I managed to turn out a semi decent cake that I was relatively happy with in spite of all my slight incidents. And from what I have heard the birthday girl was pretty chuffed too so I suppose I can’t really complain. It’s not a particularly complicated design so you can easily replicate it yourself, but I would personally recommend being a bit more careful with your crumb coat. I also used a basic buttercream recipe, so you may want to switch this for a swiss meringue for a smoother finish. However, it is entirely up to you and, either way, I hope you enjoy!



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