Bucks Fizz Bass Clef Birthday Cake

As an overly alliterative partner to the Kir Royale treble clef birthday cake I made a few weeks back, this cake was asked for for another member of the same family, and I’m slightly relieved to say it also didn’t disappoint.

You’re probably going to call me a bit of a cheat since this post is not only similar to the  cake mentioned previously, but also to my bucks fizz cupcakes I posted a couple of weeks ago. I would partially take that, but since it was specifically requested I, at least, am letting myself off. In my defence I did also add in some orange curd as part of the filling, so I can make claims to that being different if nothing else. As with the last ones I am not posting recipes because they are so similar to ones already on my blog, but it’s also very easy to adapt your own methods for a similar outcome.

While I learnt a little bit from my mistakes with the last one, it’s safe to say I still encountered a few problems. Since I used cake tins that didn’t have perfectly straight sides, the issues with trimming didn’t occur on top of the cake, but instead on the sides. Instead of evening them out, I made the cake look even more lopsided to the point were it possibly could have passed for a rubbish optical illusion style thing. But, nevertheless, I rested back on my laurels of not being a professional and soldiered on. Anyone who decorates cakes will hopefully tell you that it never really looks quite right until you are finished, and I was definitely praying that this would also be true in this instance. I was not massively happy with the design, partially because I did not put in enough care when placing the bass clefs, but also because the colours of the piped dots weren’t quite the right shade, nor was the icing the right consistency. I also used nozzles that were slightly too big to top it off but I would like to think that, to any music whizz (and this family is full of them!) that it would still be relatively obvious. But for those reasons I kept chucking things at it until I was relatively happy and kept my fingers crossed!

But, on the whole, it went down well and they all really enjoyed the cake. I can’t personally make any comments purely because I didn’t hack off half the cake in this instance, but the leftover curd was lovely. Obviously you can play around a lot with this cake if you decide to give it a go, but either way I hope you enjoy!



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