Chocolate Brownie Birthday Cake

Even after the chocolate and marshmallow birthday cake I posted for Lauren’s birthday a couple of weeks ago, I am taking the risk of being repetitive and posting yet another chocolate cake. But this time, it’s covered in Brownie (cue the drool).

I will also admit that I am also writing this post yet again at 7am waiting for the newcastle quayside markets to open. Therefor you will have to forgive me what will inevitably be poor grammar, terrible spelling and a severe lack of recipe. After trying some blueberry kir royale cupcakes for Sophie’s birthday last year, this time I thought I would go for something a little more traditional and see if I could practice my decoration a little more. If you read my post for Lauren’s birthday cake you will know I wasn’t overly pleased with the final look, so I was determined to redeem myself.

Therefore I armed myself with a little insta inspo (sorry for being basic) and launched gung-ho in what I hoped would be a marginally better attempt at a birthday cake. I kept things really simple with chocolate cake and chocolate icing, and then topped the design with a white chocolate ganache, more piped buttercream (which I striped using a piping bag) and homemade brownies.

The recipe I used for my brownies is the same one I based, for example, my beetroot brownies on. You can easily use your standard recipe but I would recommend finding one that uses less sugar and whips the eggs before adding the rest of the ingredients. While all brownies are equal I personally think the crackled effect on the top looks prettier. Other than that I would simply say use your imagination!

On the whole I think it turned out pretty well! While I unfortunately didn’t get to try the cake I can tell you the brownies weren’t bad at all (although I am going to have to do some work to top local bakery, the brownie bar. I’m actually slightly annoyed they’ve ruined my go to recipe for me!). However top them with some leftover buttercream and it’s certainly worth the calories.

My only criticism, and therefore note, is that the ganache was quite thin and didn’t have the solid chocolate effect that I wanted: it almost looked like I had poured melted butter on the cake which isn’t a good look! I think this was either because I should have used a greater chocolate to cream ratio, or my disorganised self didn’t leave it enough time to set before pouring it on the cake! These are things I would take into consideration if you’re planning a similar design, but it still tasted pretty good. I think whatever you decide to do, just have a bit of fun with it; when you have as little skill as I do it’s pretty much all you can do! Either way I hope sophie enjoys her hopefully delicious brownie birthday cake, and I hope you enjoy too!


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