Lemon and Rosemary Cannoli

After a couple of weeks of wussing out a little bit with some easy bakes, I finally decided to take things up a notch. In my opinion if it was on GBBO it requires at least some skill, so I’m standing firmly by this in an attempt to prove I do still have some baking skill.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the bake (I use the term loosely as it doesn’t actually require any physical baking), the Sicilian pastries get their name from the Italian word cannolo, which means ‘little tube’ in English. These are traditionally filled with a ricotta based filling and are a staple in Italian culture. My decision to go for Cannoli is largely sparked by getting together some baking inspiration for when I start my new job with Eatali, an Italian street food business that is opening in STACK  later this month. If you were a fan of Hadrians Tipi over Christmas then definitely keep your eye out for this!

On the whole I was quite surprised that the recipe wasn’t as tricky as I expected it to be. Although the dough was a little runny when I made it, adding some extra flour didn’t effect the dough in a negative way (even though I was convinced it would). One thing I did come a cropper with, however, was not having any cannoli tubes, mainly because I didn’t even realise they were a thing! If you rush into things like I do, and only realise you need these pieces of equipment once you have already made the dough, you can make some out of tinfoil. Simply squish some pieces down into 3 balls that are roughly the same size and match the width you want your cannoli to be, then cover them with a separate piece of tinfoil to make a smooth finish and keep them all together. They are a little bit of a pain when frying, but they work pretty well! Just don’t make them too thick, like I did, and you’ll be good to go!

Lemon and Rosemary Canoli

My decision to go with a lemon and rosemary ricotta filling was also inspired by the garden theme that STACK is planning for it’s launch, but it’s probably safe to say that lemon is also a pretty safe choice when it comes to Italian baking. Obviously you can play about with the fillings, but if you are feeling extra cheeky you could maybe even add some limoncello. The choice is yours and, either way, I hope you enjoy!

Lemon and Rosemary Canoli

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