About Me

Just another English grad/ overly excitable baking enthusiast battling their way through the endless abyss of cakes, biscuits, pastries etc. in some vague attempt to make getting fat worth it:

  1. Combines an insatiable interest for new flavours and ingredients and a love for traditional methods (and putting a spin on them) with the balls to wing it and see what happens.
  2. Is often met with varying degrees of success. But, I suppose, no pain (or tears, tantrums or expletives- they’ve all happened), no gain!
  3. Probably one of the few people who is constantly told to enter the Great British Bake Off (even after the Channel 4 shocker) while deciding to simultaneously destroy her chances with a blog.

However, I hope you think there are some interesting ideas and, if not, it might be good for a giggle. Either way, I hope you enjoy!