Double Chocolate and Almond Slutty Blondies

If you happened to read my last post for porn star martini cheesecake squares, then you will know that the time finally arrived to celebrate my last weekend before moving to France for another ski season. I will admit now that my decision to try these particular bakes was purely coincidental and by no means a representation of any mood apart from the constant desire to stuff my face with sugar. But I have to admit both bakes certainly did the trick.

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Wasabi Blondies

I will admit that I fully understand any scepticism towards this recipe. My decision to order a chocolate and wasabi cake to curb my sweet tooth in Wagamamas a few years ago was met with the same reserve. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t normally put these flavours together.However providing you are careful with the amount of wasabi you use, I think it works quite well.

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