Lime, Coconut and Chocolate Cupcakes

Word on the street is that it’s been national cupcakes week this week! And when I say word on the street, what I really mean is a few hashtags on Instagram, but that’s enough to convince me to jump on the bandwagon!

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‘Healthy’ Raspberry, Coconut and Chocolate Squares

In this weeks post I inform you, with regret, that there is a very slim chance I might have slightly cheated. I have recently been trying to stick to a ‘no refined sugar ‘ kind of health kick in the upcoming weeks to the tough mudder I have signed up for (there it is), but I couldn’t resist giving these bad boys a go.

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Pumpkin and Coconut Granola

If you can’t tell by veggie baking theme I seem to have adopted over the last couple of weeks, the attempt to be slightly healthier continues. Since my chilli beetroot brownies provided a very, very slightly skinnier version of the treat that contributes to probably about 20% of the reason I even have a gym membership, I decided to take it a step further. And what better and more original way to do this at Halloween than with pumpkins. Having read that about 90% of pumpkins are used for carvings, I decided to try and pay them the credit they were due as an ingredient. Besides, I am terrible at pumpkin carving so I this seemed like the next best, although inadvertent, way to celebrate. Continue reading “Pumpkin and Coconut Granola”

Cloud Catcher Cakes

Even though I claimed in my last post for lemon and aronia berry iced biscuits that I was not going to follow the bake off this post also took ideas from the technical challenge of cake week, jaffa cakes. Chocolate orange has to be one of my favourite flavour combinations and, unsurprisingly, jaffa cakes are definitely one of my first choices when tucking up with a cup of tea in front of Pointless (Yes, I mainly watch pointless as an excuse for tea and biscuits; no, I am not secretly in my 50’s).Therefore, when I made my own a few years ago I hate to admit they weren’t as good as the shop bought ones, purely because I think they are pretty hard to beat! Therefore, I thought putting a spin on them would, in theory, be a really good way of fixing something that isn’t broken. Continue reading “Cloud Catcher Cakes”

Lime, Cardamom and Coconut Meringues

In my post for Charlie’s Leaving Cake I already mentioned my slight fear of making meringues, macarons or apparently anything involving only egg whites. However, I decided to tackle this problem head on and make my own flavoured meringues.

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Liquorice All Sort Cupcakes

Even though I am not  a massive fan of liquorice, this cupcake recipe has been floating around for a few years and always goes down a storm whenever I revisit it. I first made these cupcakes a few years ago for a friend and the way the sweetness of the butter cream balances out the flavour and takes away some of the harshness of the aniseed means they serve well as a sort of gateway to real stuff. Not a good idea if, like me, you’re hooked on everything else with sugar in and don’t want to add anything else to this list. However, I have many friends who are still sceptical, so thought I would post the recipe to prove it!

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