Blackberry and Ginger Eton Mess

A week after coming back from France it’s safe to say I’m still easing myself back in on the baking front by going for the dessert that probably requires the least amount of finesse possible: eton mess. But, being modest as per, it did taste pretty good, so I personally am not complaining.

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Hazelnut and Salted Caramel Pavlova

So first things first happy new year everyone! Now we can all happily wave goodbye to 2016 with a general sigh of relief and look towards a hopeful 2017 with it’s first few sober and sweaty months at the gym until we all discover wine and chocolate again. Let’s face it, it’s going to happen, and I will be here with my blog helping you all fail along the way (cue evil laugh). But on a more positive note, I hope you all had a wonderful new years eve (and I do wish you luck really). Anyway, back to the baking…

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Cookies and Cream Las Vegas Birthday Cake

Although you may find this hard to believe, I am a little bit obsessed with baking. Therefore, it goes without saying that when it comes to birthdays I get a little bit carried in terms of cake. For the last few years I have always treated my closest friends with cake in some form, and for my friend Lauren it was no exception! I already mentioned in my post for Charlie’s Leaving Cake that she is one of the three musketeers, so naturally I felt I should do something pretty special for her 23rd. Her decision to do a Vegas themed party meant I had my work cut out for me. Hence the ‘Cookies and Cream Loz Vegas cake’ (couldn’t resist the pun). Continue reading “Cookies and Cream Las Vegas Birthday Cake”

Lime, Cardamom and Coconut Meringues

In my post for Charlie’s Leaving Cake I already mentioned my slight fear of making meringues, macarons or apparently anything involving only egg whites. However, I decided to tackle this problem head on and make my own flavoured meringues.

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Strawberry and Pimms Tiramisu

Even if you are not a fan of tennis, the Wimbledon fortnight is a pretty big part of British culture. I personally love it and I think a lot of this stems from my Mum. Although I played tennis when I was younger (and was distinctly average in spite of my many lessons), she’s definitely a lot more keen. If she’s not playing it she’s watching it! So while I spent my Sunday at work, she spent hers glued to the television. However, Wimbledon season still always manages to get me fired up. Since this blog post falls on the same day as many of the final rounds of the competition, including the men’s singles, I therefore used this as inspiration. Continue reading “Strawberry and Pimms Tiramisu”