Orange and Blueberry Madeira Cake

Since a few of my previous posts have not gone exactly to plan, I decided to go for something a lot more simple this week. I think my parents were thankful for something a bit more familiar; although they have enjoyed some of my bakes, they are sticklers for a more traditional Victoria sponge and haven’t exactly relished in the amount of cardamom etc. flying around. So I’m hoping orange and blueberry is a safer bet. Continue reading “Orange and Blueberry Madeira Cake”

Lemon and Aronia Berry Iced Biscuits

Being a baking blog I feel it is only right that I pay homage at least once over the next 10 or so weeks to the Great British Bake Off. For the last couple of years I have tried, and failed, to follow it. Since I fully expect to fail again this year even with my blog I have decided to have a go at the odd challenge and see how I get on. In these previous attempts I have also been faced with a varying degree of success. I have definitely had some pretty good bakes that would have seen me through on some occasions, but I have also had some that would have left me a long, long way from the Hollywood handshake. Unfortunately, this may have been one of those weeks. Continue reading “Lemon and Aronia Berry Iced Biscuits”

Chorizo and Manchego Filo Triangles

In the same way I have a slight fear of meringues, I have a slight fear of pastry. Therefore, as in my last post for Lime, Cardamom and Coconut Meringues, I saw another opportunity to tackle something head on. However, instead of easing myself into it, I decided to try and tackle filo pastry, which is possibly one of the most difficult types of pastry to make. Admittedly, my decision to try this recipe was not through a desire for pastry-induced tears. I have been desperate, in the midst of trying to lose weight, for an excuse to try the chorizo jam made by eat17 that we stock the farm shop. I absolutely love chorizo and how well it goes with sweeter flavours so I thought the jam would be quite an interesting concoction. Continue reading “Chorizo and Manchego Filo Triangles”