Tiramisu Brownies

Carrying on with the Italian theme from last weeks Lemon and Rosemary Cannoli, this week I am trying tiramisu brownies. While this version does unfortunately cut out the booze, I would still advise that, if you are on a diet, I would probably give this recipe a miss!

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Strawberry and Pimms Tiramisu

Even if you are not a fan of tennis, the Wimbledon fortnight is a pretty big part of British culture. I personally love it and I think a lot of this stems from my Mum. Although I played tennis when I was younger (and was distinctly average in spite of my many lessons), she’s definitely a lot more keen. If she’s not playing it she’s watching it! So while I spent my Sunday at work, she spent hers glued to the television. However, Wimbledon season still always manages to get me fired up. Since this blog post falls on the same day as many of the final rounds of the competition, including the men’s singles, I therefore used this as inspiration. Continue reading “Strawberry and Pimms Tiramisu”