‘Healthy’ Matcha, Raspberry and Honey Cake

After about a year of consistent blogging you have probably noticed most of my recipes are not largely aimed at healthy eating and lean to the more indulgent end of afternoon snacking. Apart from a few posts, including my healthier honey gingerbread and my beetroot brownies, a lot of my posts definitely warrant the #howtogetfat on my instagram. However, since I am running a tough mudder in about a month’s time (which I promise not to bore you with/ bring up too much), I thought a few slightly more nutritious offerings, if you will, wouldn’t go amiss.

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White Chocolate and Matcha Macarons

I think it’s safe to say that anyone who enjoys baking has wanted to make macarons at some point, and I am definitely no exception to this rule. Therefore I decided to use my blog as an excuse to inflict them on the family. However, this is not the only thing I’ve introduced that could be classed as an infliction depending on your tastebuds. Continue reading “White Chocolate and Matcha Macarons”